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Always Extra-Heavy Maxi Sanitary Pad by Procter and Gamble


Superb overnight protection with LeakGuard Core Plus RapidDry that pulls fluid away from the edges
Comfort and security with Flexi-Wings that flex as you move
Long-lasting for up to 8 hours
Absorbs in seconds


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U by Kotex Premium Regular Maxi Pad by Kimberly-Clark


This pad can handle heavy flow on peak days
Features a super-absorbent core for protection when it is needed most
The cottony, soft feel provides added comfort and a breathable cover

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U by Kotex SecurityTampons by Kimberly Clark

Varying levels of absorbency available
Smooth tip makes insertion easy
Easy-to-grip, rubbery base for “just right” placement

Slender applicator has a silky feel to fit your body




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Ultra Thin Overnight Sanitary Pads by Procter & Gamble


LeakGuard Core absorbs in seconds for up to 10 hours of protection
Provides 45% larger back (vs. Always Ultra Thin Regular With Wings) to help stop leaks at night
Comfortable fit lets you sleep easy

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