SDCP Medical is a technology driven medical distribution network based in California. SDCP Medical is created by a group of talented individuals that are pioneers and innovators in the medical supply marketplace. SDCP Medical provides you with an online and physical presence, which allows your product to reach a vast network of potential customers. SDCP Medical serves as a launching pad for emerging brands by providing them the opportunity to reach a vast customer pool. This enables brands to focus on their target goal, while giving SDCP Medical the opportunity to delivery and sell their products.

SDCP Medical takes prides in its motto of “Speedy Delivery of Consumer Products” no matter what the conditions are in the marketplace. This incredible passion and honest approach have positioned SDCP Medical as the trusted marketplace retail partner of major brands. Our employees are fueled by innovative energy, creative solutions, and a sheer determination to over deliver.


We utilize analytical tools for product and pricing research

We formulate plan of action

We create and optimize product listings

We inspect and send out shipments

Repeat the process over


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    Product Analytics

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    Cloud-Based Inventory

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    Algorithm-based pricing and restocking

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    Customer Statistics


Customers come first

Employees are pivotal to any success